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Projects Supported by the Order

Listed here are all of the projects supported by the Order of St. Ignatius, from its inception through current planned contributions.

Click here for a listing of the total dollars contributed to each from inception through 2010

Click here for a listing of the funds planned for contribution in the 2011 budget of the Order


Current Projects

Heritage & Learning Center

   Library Books

   Museum Acquisitions

   Department Conferences

Antiochian  Village

   Summer Camp Scholarships

   Teen SOYO Special Olympics

Retired Clergy Housing Allowance

Archdiocese Departments

   Christian Education Fund

   Parish Development Fund

   Youth Ministry

   Archdiocese Administrative Services

   Missions and Evangelism

   Antiochian House of Studies

   Marriage and Parish Family Ministries

   Planning and Future Development

   Internet Ministry

Clergy Symposium & Convention Assistance

College Conference

Task Force for Jerusalem

Balamand Theological Academy

Project Mexico


Miami Chancery

Married Seminarian Assistance

Al Kafaat

Soyo Leadership Training

Orthodox Youth Coalition Initiative

St. Nicholas Cathedral, LA for Computer Labs

Diocese of Los Angeles and Eagle River Schools

Youth Workers Training

The Treehouse Orthodox Family Ministries

Cristo Ray Outreach



Projects Since Inception

ADC Relief Fund For Lebanon

Antiochian Christian Radio Network

Antiochian Clergy Wives

Antiochian House Of Studies

Antiochian House Of Studies – Masters Program

Antiochian Village

Antiochian Village Garden

Antiochian Village Camp Scholarships

Antiochian Village Camp 20th Anniversary Project

Antiochian Village Camp Cabins For Campers & Volunteers

Aocwna Orphanage Project

Archdiocese Adminstrative Services

Assistance To Proposed Missions

Balamand University

Bible Bowl Study Tapes

Bulgarian Manuscript RestoratIon

Camp Transfiguration

Camp St. Raphael

Campus Ministry

Chapel Of St. Ignatius At The Antiochian Village

Chinese Translation Project

Christ At The Sea Foundation

Christian Education Fund

Christian Education Endowment

Christian Presence In The Near East

Christopher Elias Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clergy Benefits Fund – Retired Clergy Housing Allowance

Clergy Family Workshops

Clergy Symposium And Conference/Convention Assistance

College Conference

Communications And Information Department

Conciliar Press IcOn Calendar

Credo-Western Rite Publication

Cultural And Sports Complex At The Balamand University

Department Of Development

Department Of Sacred Music

Foundation For Peace And Justice

The Handmaiden

Heritage And Learning Center

Heritage And Learning Center - Library

Heritage And Learning Center - Museum

Holy Trinity Orthodox Nursing And Rehabilation Center

Hurricane Relief

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood Victims


Ladies Aid Society Of Montreal

Lebanon Relief

Marriage And Family Counseling – Western Region

Marriage And Parish Family Ministries

Married Seminarian Assistance

Metropolitan Philip Chair For Pastoral Theology

Mexican Earthquake Relief

Middle East Dialogue

Middle East Relief For Lebanon

Missions And Evangelism

Missions And Evangelism Endowment Fund

Orthodox Christian Fellowship – College Campus Outreach

Orthodox Christian Prison Ministries

Orthodox Dental Outreach

Orthodox Study Bible – New Testament

Orthodox Study Bible – Old Testament

Orthodox Youth Outreach

Pan-Orthodox Youth Workers Conference – Regional

Directors’ Participation

Parish Development Fund

Patriarch Ignatius Iv Visitation

Polish Orthodox Church – Book Printing

Project Loving Care

Project Mexico

Research Project In Syriac

St. Anne Youth Center

St. Jude Childrens’ Research Project

St. John Of Damascus Academy

St. John Youth Workers Fund

St. Nicholas Camp Chapel

St. Nicholas Camp Scholarships

St. Nicholas Romanian Childrens’ Home

St. Peter’s Classical School

Sts. Peter & Paul Academy Scholarship

St. Romanos Chorale

Seminars In Pastoral Education

Senior Citizens Projects-Matching Funds

Service Books And Rubics For Clergy

Smithsonian Arab American Collection

Stewardship Grant


Task Force On The Patriarchate Of Jerusalem

Teen Soyo, Nac Leadership Training

Teen Soyo Special Olympics

Theological Research Fund

Theology In Global Context

Theophany Orthodox Christian School

Treehouse Orthodox Family Ministries

West Coast Chancery

Wichita Chancery

Winter Camp Program

Youth Festival & College Contact

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Endowment Fund

Youth Workers Resource Cd

Youth Workers Training Conference