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Patristic Nectar Publications Releases Lecture Series Featuring St. Raphael of Brooklyn

Patristic Nectar Publications has launched a new lecture series by Fr. Maximos (Constas), visiting professor at Hellenic College and Holy Cross, and Fr. Josiah Trenham of St. Andrew [Antiochian] Orthodox Christian Church in Riverside, CA. Titled ​"Saints, Sanctity and Saint Raphael of Brooklyn," the series consists of four lectures.

In the lectures, Fr. Maximos (Constas) and Fr. Josiah Trenham explore the subject of what constitutes a saint of the Church. In two lectures Fr. Maximos explores the nature of holiness, and then both Fr. Maximos and Fr. Josiah deliver lectures on the particular holiness of St. Raphael, Bishop of Brooklyn.

  • Lecture 1: The Intense Expectation of Encountering Christ 
  • Lecture 2: The Qualities of the Saints
  • Lecture 3: The Holiness of St. Raphael of Brooklyn
  • Lecture 4: St. Raphael of Brooklyn - The Good Shepherd                             ​
  • ​Bonus Lecture - Father Maximos on the Jesus Prayer