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Resolution Honoring Metropolitan Philip (Saliba) For His 65 Years of Service in the Ministry

WHEREAS, the hierarchs, clergy and faithful of this God-protected Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America have met as the General Assembly at the 51st Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocesan Convention here in Houston, Texas;

AND WHEREAS, during the past several days we have all joined together in true Christian fellowship, with love, respect and unity and in so doing we have reflected on the past, on the present and on the future of our Archdiocese;

AND WHEREAS, we acknowledge that our beloved Father in Christ, his Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP, who served this Archdiocese as a Deacon in Detroit, Michigan; who served as a Priest in Cleveland, Ohio, and who has been serving as our beloved Metropolitan of all North America, has committed his whole life to the Ministry for the past 65 years;

AND WHEREAS, it is self-evident, that over the past 47 of his 65 years of service, and as Metropolitan of all North America, the fruits of his labor of love, have indeed proven to be fruitful and bountiful in so many respects;

AND WHEREAS, it is self-evident, that as a result of his love, wisdom, vision and life long commitment to this Archdiocese, we have witnessed such achievements and milestones that were once thought of as dreams: to name a few, The Order of Saint Ignatius, the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women, The Fellowship of Saint John the Divine, The Society of Orthodox Youth and every department, commission and committee that forms a part of this Archdiocese;

AND WHEREAS, his Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP, a visionary, dared to dream and brought to realization a vision and dream and established a place where Orthodox Christians could experience true Christian love and fellowship; a place where Orthodox Christians could engage in dialogue with Almighty God; a place where our children have been able to forge life-long friendships and learn to love and respect one another; a place where the study of theology and culture are propagated; a place where one experiences "heaven on earth", the Antiochian Village, the jewel of this Archdiocese;

AND WHEREAS, it is self-evident that what our God-protected Archdiocese has achieved over the past 47 years under the leadership of his Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP, is a direct result of his unselfish love and unwavering determination;

AND WHEREAS, all of the hierarchs, clergy and faithful continue to pray that Almighty God grant his Eminence, Metropolitan PHILIP many more healthy and productive years to come as he continues to lead this Archdiocese as "Metropolitan";

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the General Assembly of this 51st Archdiocesan Convention, duly assembled at Houston, Texas, from July 21-28, 2013, acknowledging the heights of what he has achieved for this Archdiocese, honors its beloved Metropolitan Archbishop PHILIP, with love, respect, loyalty and its prayers that he continue to lead this God-protected Archdiocese for many years to come. May God grant you many years Master!