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Saint Christopher

 Great Martyr Christopher

Troparian of St Christopher    Tone 4


In beautiful garments woven from thy blood thou dost stand before the King of Heaven.   For thou dost chant the Thrice-holy hymn with Angels and Martyrs.  By thy supplications save thy servants.





A great wonderworker, he is especially venerated in Spain.  His help is invoked particularly against infectious illnesses and great pestilence.  He was martyred for Christ and glorified in 249.  According to tradition, St. Christopher died a martyr in Lycia during the reign of Decius, a Roman Emperor who conducted the first systematic persecution of Christians. Very little is known about Christopher's life, but many legends have developed around his name. 

One of the most popular legends describes the saint as a tall man of tremendous strength who made a living carrying people across a raging river. One day his passenger was a child who grew so heavy as they crossed the river that he feared they would both drown. Christopher was amazed that such a small child could overcome someone so mighty as himself. The child then revealed that he was Christ, and the heaviness was caused by the weight of the world which he bore. The name "Christopher" means "Christ-bearer", and it is no surprise that he is often depicted as carrying a child, who, in turn, is carrying a globe.



"Although so little is known about the life of St. Christopher, there is so much to be gathered even from his experience carrying Christ across the river.  We all bear and are called to bear and to “put on” Christ by taking up the crosses in our lives that He has given to each of us.  St. Christopher bore his cross and eventually suffered martyrdom for the faith, fulfilling the commandment of Christ, “He who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of me.”  (Matt 10:38) 

Happy Feast Day to all who bear the name Christopher and may we all learn to carry Christ as he did!"


Elysia Younes


St. George, Toronto