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The Antiochian House of Studies offers mentorship and instruction from some of the top Orthodox scholars, priests, and musicians in the U.S.

St. Stephen's Mentors Role/Topic St. Stephen Residency
Bishop Thomas (AOA) Overseer            +
Bishop Michael Dahulich (OCA) Biblical Theology   +
Bishop John Abdallah (AOA) Pastoral Theology   +
Fr. Joseph Allen Director & Theology and Ministry + +
Fr. Joseph Antypas Doctrine & Knowledge of God + +
Fr. Elias Bitar Musicology & Chant + +
Fr. Antony Gabriel Church History & Spirituality   +
Nicolae Gavriliu Iconology + +
Fr. Peter Gillquist Evangelism   +
Fr. David Hester Patristics   +
Christine Holet Musicology & Chant   +
Fr. Edward Hughes Liturgical Theology   +
Dn. David Jacobs Musicology & Chant   +
Fr. George Kevorkian Directed Projects +  
Stratos Mandalakis Musicology & Chant +  
Dr. Paul Meyendorff Liturgical Theology +  
Fr. Michel Najim Church History & Patristics + +
Fr. Joseph Purpura Youth Ministry + +
Fr. George Shalhoub Liturgical Theology   +
Fr. Paul Nadim Tarazi Old & New Testament Studies +  
Fr. Patrick Viscuso Canon Law + +
Fr. Anthony Yazge Youth Ministry   +


Doctor of Ministry Professors Role/Topic
Fr. Joseph Allen, Ph.D. Spirituality & Pastoral Theology
Fr. Nicholas Ferencz, Ph.D. Doctoral Colloquia
Fr. David Hester, Ph.D. Patristics
Fr. Michel Najim, Ph.D. Church History & Patristics


Master of Theology in Pastoral Counseling Faculty Role/Topic
Fr. David Alexander, Ph.D. Pastoral Counseling & Counselor Supervision
Fr. Isaiah Gillette, D.Min. Pastoral Counseling & Counselor Supervision
Mrs. Merri Wentworth, M.S. Community Mental Health