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Formatting Your Thesis

Like many theology schools, the Antiochian House of Studies requires use of the Turabian format for all Master’s and Doctoral papers. As such, students are expected to refer to A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, by Kate L. Turabian. This book is available at the Antiochian Village online bookstore.

The Turabian guidelines were developed by Kate Turabian in 1937 for dissertations being written at the University of Chicago. The new edition includes a chapter devoted to the process of research and writing that is invaluable for students unaccustomed to the rigor required for academic writing for publication – an endeavor you will undertake in the form of your thesis. The entire Turabian text is useful, but a few essential chapters will be crucial to the successful development, research, writing, formatting, and editing of your thesis:

Citations: Chapter 15-17 (pp. 133-140; 141-159; 160-215).

Research/Writing: Chapters 2-3, 6, & 9-10 (pp. 3-4; 12-23; 24-35; 62-70; 98-101; 102-108). 

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