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Residency Information

Welcome to Antiochian House of Studies Residency!

The residency period is hosted at the Antiochian Village Learning Center in Bolivar, PA each year and consists of two separate residency weeks. The “Alpha Week,” which is typically the last week in August, is for first- and third-year St. Stephen’s Certificate students and also for first- and second-year Master of Theology in Pastoral Counseling students.  The “Beta Week,” which is typically the first week of September, is for second-year St. Stephen’s students and Doctor of Ministry students. 

St. Stephen’s Course Specifics

Three weeks of residency (total) are required to fulfill the St Stephen’s Course criteria and to receive the certificate. This includes two “Alpha” weeks and one “Beta” week.  First-year students attend the Alpha week, second-year students a Beta week, and third-year students attend another Alpha week.  In special cases, students are able to do two consecutive weeks in a single year, for economic or other reasons of practical necessity.

Musicology, Iconology, and Youth Ministry students arrive slightly earlier than other students, so please confirm your timing with the office.


Attendance at each class session is mandatory. Please be on time to each class session.

Please focus on the content of the presentations. Although laptops are allowed for note-taking purposes, please avoid extraneous activity, especially on laptops and phones.

Some allowance is made if you must miss a class due to illness, or abnormal fatigue. In order to maintain our accreditation, we may not allow more than one three absences (total, or two of one professor).

With two absences from any one professor, a student will not pass the residency for that year. With three absences total, a student will not pass the residency for that year.

Also, being tardy counts as half an absence, so please keep track of the time—the schedule is very fast paced!