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Profile of a House of Studies Student

St. Stephen’s Certificate of Theology

  • “I want a graduate education in theology from an Orthodox perspective, but I can’t leave home.”
  • “I have a family, a full-time job—but I am ready to become more versed in Orthodox history, and to perform service projects useful to my church and my community.”
  • “I want to be ordained, and my priest and bishop have permitted me to prepare for ordination through this course.”
  • “I am currently ministering in my local parish, but I want to be better equipped (to chant, to write, to teach, etc).”
  • “I am curious about Orthodox theology, but now I’m ready to for serious study under world-class scholars.”
  • “I want a world-class Orthodox education for personal enrichment; I don’t care about the letters behind my name.”
  • “I am clergy, but I am converting to Orthodoxy and intend to seek ordination. I have a Master of Divinity (M. Div.) degree from a non-Orthodox seminary.”

St. Stephen’s Master of Arts in Applied Orthodox Theology

  • “I want to do the St. Stephen’s Certificate, and I’ll want to do a thesis paper in addition.”
  • “I want to study Orthodox theology before I go on to more graduate schooling (in theology, philosophy, psychology, law, etc.).”
  • “I want to study, and I want to write a thesis to give back to the Church.”
  • “I already have a master of arts in another field, but I want a second master’s in theology.”
  • “I want to do research in Orthodox education to serve my church’s youth.”
  • “I want to be an educated musicologist as a choir director at my church.”

Master of Theology in Pastoral Counseling Program

  • "I'm involved in the work of counseling, but would like a stronger theological basis for integrating what I am doing with my Christian worldview."
  • "I'm a pastor, and although I have a strong theological foundation, I'd like to grow in my knowledge of the behavioral sciences, to better serve the people under my care."
  • "I'm a lay person discerning a new calling in my service to God and the Church, and I think that becoming a certified pastoral counselor trained in the Orthodox tradition might be a good fit for me."

Doctor of Ministry

  • “I’ve been ministering for more than three years, but I want to deepen my ministry.”
  • “I have a Master of Divinity, but I have always wanted to go on for a doctorate.”