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Thesis Information

Writing Topics
If you are enrolled in the St. Stephen’s Master of Arts Program, you do not need to worry about choosing your topic right away.

The St. Stephen’s reading coursework, residency lectures, and (especially) directed ministry projects will help form your research and pollinate your ideas.

As you approach the conclusion of your St. Stephen’s coursework, your professors at the residency program and mentors in the reading program will be happy to help you discern suitable ideas and maintain proper scope and focus. When the time does come, please remember that the M. A. is an academic degree in applied theology. The topic is not merely theoretical, but should cover a topic of church life that is both practical and theological.

If you are a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling (MAPC) student, there are some distinct guidelines in terms of topic choice and formatting. Please contact the MAPC program staff for more information.

Writing Guidelines

Like most educational institutions, the Antiochian House of Studies has developed a standard format for theses and dissertations. Following are guidelines for how to format , bind, and send in completed papers. All students should consult the following links for specific requirements:

Formatting Your Thesis

Printing and Binding Your Thesis

Sending in Your Thesis