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The Antiochian House of Studies offers a rigorous education at an affordable price.

For the St. Stephen’s Certificate Program, the tuition is $1050 per year ($525 per semester) and must be paid prior to beginning coursework for that year or semester.  For St. Stephen’s Program graduates electing to enroll in the thesis year in order to complete the Master of Arts in Applied Theology degree, tuition is $1500 tuition for the year, which covers both semesters.

The Master of Theology in Pastoral Counseling degree program follows a similar cost plan, with tuition set at $1050 per year for the first two years and $1500 for the final (research & thesis development) year.

Checks or money orders are due in advance of each year of study, and should be may payable to “The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese” and designated to “Antiochian House of Studies.”


Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks in accordance with the syllabus.

Ordering textbooks through the Antiochian Village Bookstore is fast and convenient. The Bookstore is the official vendor for the Antiochian House of Studies and always carries the required textbooks for the program.

Library Fee

Students will be assessed a $25 library fee when accepted into their program, for use in person or over the internet (pending website access).


Extensions on written examinations may be requested, if needed, from the appropriate mentor. Contact the mentor (by email), not the office staff. Students are permitted a leave of absence, for a limited amount of time, if a break from study should be required. The student must send in a $50 fee and leave of absence request.