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A Lamp to My Feet: An Introduction to the Bible

A Lamp to My Feet

With this zine, students develop the attitudes and confidence needed to light their path with the lamp of Scripture. They can then access God’s message to the world by asking how each reading relates to them: “What does this text say about Christ, and how does it apply to my life?”

The zine explores general motivations for and goals of Bible study. It then suggests study habits and methods, and explains various formats and translations of the Bible. The zine introduces the Old and New Testaments, the kinds of books they contain, and how the books came to be there.

The Teacher Guide provides interactive lessons and further practice using the tools needed to tangle with difficult passages—study notes, cross-references, and a concordance. (Age 12+)

A Lamp to My Feet Student Zine (M13)

22 pgs Qty 1-74 $3.95 each / 75+ $2.95 each

A Lamp to My Feet Teacher Guide (M13)

1 unit with 5 lesson plans $9.95 each

Curriculum from Orthodox Christian Education Commission

The Antiochian Department of Christian Education partners with the Orthodox Christian Education Commission to prepare curriculum materials for all ages. Preview the materials below, and then order from the Antiochian Archdiocese Bookstore (the best price for many items) or  from OCEC's online catalog

Knowing Your Faith: Educational Standards for OCEC Curriculum

"Knowing Your Faith" is presented as a series of PDF files, from Kindergarten through Grade 5. Each grade includes content for parents, teachers, and students.

Learning Opportunities for Middle and High School

We've put together a comprehensive guide of many curriculum options for those who work with teens.

The Scribe

What was it that Jesus said to the disciples on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection, that opened their eyes to his true identity as the awaited Messiah? In this series of news articles written during the time of Jesus, the Scribe, the scripture scholar, beings to see relationships with the past for Jesus words and actions.