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Myrrh-bearing Women Series

Divine Liturgy Music for the Second Sunday after Pascha, the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing Women, Pious Joseph of Arimathea and Righteous Nicodemus.  Updated 4/20/17.  

Thomas Sunday (New Sunday) Series

Sheet Music: 
Thomas Sunday (First Sunday after Pascha)

Divine Liturgy Music for Thomas Sunday, the First Sunday after Pascha (Easter).  Updated 4/14/17.

Pascha Series

Sheet Music: 
Pascha: The Resurrection of Christ

Divine Liturgy choral music for the Feast of Pascha (Easter).  Updated 4/20/17.

National Convention and Regional Conference Music for Divine Liturgy and Vespers

Sheet Music: 

CAUTION: This is a 2.0 megabyte file, and may take a while to download at slow speeds.  UPDATED IN PDF FORMAT:  3/21/15.

Lenten Triodion Series

Troparia & Kontakia in Choral & Chant arrangements for the Sundays of the Lenten Triodion, from Pharisee & Publican to the 5th Sunday of Great Lent.  Updated 3/24/17.

Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday Series

Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday (Week before Pascha)

Divine Liturgy music for the above, with chant and choral settings for the Antiphons, Entrance Hymn, Troparia, Kontakia, Alleluia, Hymn to the Theotokos, & Communion Hymns.  Updated 3/23/17.

Holy Unction Service

Sheet Music: 

Music for the Sacrament of Holy Unction - sung on Holy Wednesday evening and other times for healing.  UPDATED: May, 2011!

Annunciation Series

Sheet Music: 
Annunciation to the Theotokos (March 25)

Divine Liturgy music for March 25th, which includes choral arrangements for the Antiphons, Entrance Hymn, Troparia, Kontakion, Alleluia, Hymn to the Theotokos, and Communion Hymns.  Click on "Listen" to hear the Troparion of the Annunciation being sung by the choir of Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, Tuscon, AZ.  Series UPDATED on 3/13/17.

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Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom; Feast of the Annunciation
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