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Ordinary and Canon of the Mass According to the Rite of St. Gregory

The Western tradition in the Orthodox Church consists not only of the Mass (Divine Liturgy), but also of the entire liturgical tradition, including the prayer hours, fasting rules, vestments, and the rites for celebrating the sacraments, funerals, blessings, and other pastoral needs.

For the Mass, two separate Uses or Rites are authorized for use by parishes the Western Rite Vicariate.

The Rite of St Gregory is a translation from the Latin of the ancient Roman Divine Liturgy. It consists of the Ordinary and Canon of the Mass, together with the chants, prayers and Scriptural readings proper to each Sunday or Feast. Its title honors St. Gregory the Great (also known as St Gregory the Dialogist), the 6th Century Pope of Rome, by whose time the Latin Mass was finalized. (The Latin Mass now used in the Church of Rome was drastically changed in 1970 and still bears some marks of the older Latin Mass). Aside from understandable changes in the calendar, the only changes to the ancient Latin Mass are the omission of the filioque and the inclusion of an epiclesis at the request of the Russian Holy Synod in September 1869.

The Rite of St Tikhon is the Order of Holy Communion from the 19th century Book of Common Prayer, amended at the request of the Russian Holy Synod. Its Ordinary and Canon of the Mass find much of their roots in the ancient Latin Mass. Its title honors St Tikhon of Moscow, Primate of North America and patron saint of the Western Rite Vicariate, because of his submission of and support for the Divine Liturgy which bears his name.

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