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Words of Wisdom: Reflections From Notable Antiochian Priests on Love, Faith, and Ministry

As we anticipate the start of the Lenten season in March, three of the senior statesmen in the ranks of Antiochian clergy have offered reflections for our spiritual edification: Archpriest George Shalhoub, Economos Antony Gabriel, and Archpriest Joseph Antypas.

Fr. George and Kh. Nourhad ShalhoubFr. George and Kh. Nourhad ShalhoubThe Gospel and the Orthodox Family: The Christian Meaning of Love

"As our nation celebrates the feast of love, Valentine’s Day," writes Fr. George Shalhoub, pastor of The Basilica of St. Mary, Livonia, MI, "it brings with it the measures of marketing and the things that most of us have come to believe will make the wrong right, and the right better. Valentine’s Day will be celebrated by the exchanging of love with flowers, candy, dinner or surprise trips. It has become one more thing to do because others are doing it, and many find it is easier to purchase something than act." Read more

Economos Antony GabrielEconomos Antony GabrielA Brief Reflection on 54 Years in the Priesthood

"While it is a long time ago, the event is like yesterday," writes Economos Antony Gabriel. "I remember kneeling before the altar as His Eminence was about to ordain me a Deacon, and before he did, he whispered: 'What name did you choose, since Kenneth is not a saints name?' I whispered back: 'Elias, the name of our parish.' When he began the prayers of elevation, he loudly exclaimed 'Antony' as he banged me on my head with his heavy hands. To this day, I believe he chose my name as a sign of friendship with my parents, remembering how often I sat on his lap when the car paraded to the fairgrounds for our annual St. Elias Marahjan, with the late Archbishop Samuel standing in the convertible singing and chanting as loudly as possible while Antony egged him on. Cars would stop on all sides of the road, of course we had a police escort in those days, but people would stop in their tracks upon hearing that powerful voice." Read more

Fr. Joseph AntypasFr. Joseph AntypasDynamics of Faith in the Local Parish

Dynamics of Faith in the Local Parish is a new book that is written by Fr. Joseph Antypas, pastor of St. George Orthodox Church in Troy, Michigan. This book is the third volume of a series of pastoral ministry reflections written by the author. Dynamics of Faith in the Local Parish presents the readers with reflections that address the various ecclesiastical, pastoral, and faith issues that most people and parishes encounter. Read more